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Baby Surprise Jacket DVD $18








Estonian Sock Patterns All Around the World
—Aina Prakkli


This new book by Aina Praakli, author of the wonderful Estonian Mitten book (see below), has nearly 100 traditional sock patterns including many designs and historical background from the rich collection in the Estonian National Museum. Hardcover. $40


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Estonian Mittens: All Around the World
—Aina Prakkli


This lovely new book, (Eesti Labakindad Ilma Laande Laiali) from Estonia is written in Estonian and English. The author has undertaken extensive research to provide us with photos of 175 different Estonian mittens plus a chart and construction details for each - as well as the name of knitter (when possible). It is Aina Praakli's dream to see the knitted treasures of her culture spread around the world; we are more than happy to help; in this effort. Hardcover, 240 pp, $40


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Around the World in Knitted Socks
—Stephanie van der Linden


Amazing new sock books keep appearing; here are 26 different sock designs representing over 20 countries, including some stunning color-patterned work. Softcover. $24.95




A Schoolhouse Press Book


Spinning Around: Spinning, Dyeing & Knitting Elizabeth Zimmermann's Classics

—Jeannine Bakriges


Master spinner (and dyer/knitter), Jeannine Bakriges worked for years to compile this beautiful and informative book. The book includes extensive technical information on spinning, notes on natural and solar dyeing, including setting up a dye studio, and knitting patterns by Elizabeth Zimmermann and Meg Swansen including: Sock-Toe Scarf, Halter Top, I-cord Gloves and Hat, Knit-Stitch Pullover, Very Warm Hat, 3-Cornered German Shawl,Circular Brioche Watch Cap, Headband, Kliban Hat, Moccasin Socks, Epaulet Jacket, Jogger’s Mitts, Moebius Vest, Dickey, Knee Socks, Moebius Scarf, Balaclava Helmut, Bohus Sweater & Hat, Pillbox Hat, and the Mananita. From fleece to knitted garment, Spinning Around is an incredible journey. Softcover. $29.95








...And A Time to Knit Stockings Book On CD
—Katherine Misegades

Many of you have copies of the lovely, hand-assembled book, '...and a time to knit stockings' by Katherine Pence. The book went out of print a number of years ago - but those knitters who missed out now have another chance: the author (now Katherine Misegades) has re-issued the book on CD. You get a sock or stocking design for each month of the year plus two extras and two new designs previously unpublished.

I admit to having been hesitant about the format; I like to sink into my knitting chair and wallow in a new book; the idea of hunching before the computer screen was less than appealing. However, when I finally got around to sliding the disc into the slot, to my delight, up popped a series of stunning color photographs of Katherine's beautiful socks and stockings. Each pattern is meticulously written out and charted, and my printer obligingly spat out copies of the designs I asked for ... Carry-Around-Copies that will slip into my small sock-and-mitten-knitting bag. $30

Also by Katherine Misegades: Tongue River Farm Sock Collection


Latvian Mittens
—Lizbeth Upitis
Extraordinarily beautiful traditional mittens. This expanded reprint includes 44 new mittens; 92 mittens in color, 125 charts. Softcover. $25.00



Designs for Knitting Kilt Hose
—Lady Veronica Gainford


Dowager Lady Veronica Gainford's Kilt Hose is gold-to-be-mined in the form of traditional Top Turnover designs that decorate the upper reaches of authentic Scottish Kilt Hose. The stockings themselves are not Lady Gainford's focus -- any of your favorite stocking instructions will do -- it is the top of the stocking that is scrutinized for authenticity. Gainford's droll humor adds to her scrutiny of traditional hose. Over two dozen different motifs, plus full instructions for several stockings. $15



An assortment of knitted and felted bags; great small projects for a variety of skill levels from easy to advanced and a book sized to tuck into your favorite bag. As Elaine Rowley, editor of Bags, writes, the important question for her each morning is, "Which bag (or bags) am I carrying?" Softcover. WAS $15.95, NOW $9.60


Folk Mittens
—Marcia Lewandowski

Over 40 wonderful mittens from around the world. Softcover. $21.95


Favorite Mittens
—Robin Hansen

Favorite Mittens is comprised of traditional mitten patterns from Robin Hansen's two popular books (Fox & Geese & Fences and Flying Geese & Partridge) written in a new, step-by-step format. Softcover. $21.95


Socks, Socks, Socks
— XRX Inc.

The winners of Knitter's Magazine sock contest. Seventy beautiful, unique, imaginative, traditional, and wacky socks. What a bargain. Softcover. $19.95


The Tongue River Farm Sock Collection
—Katherine Misegades

Six splendid socks with beautifully gussetted heels – and some of the designs include EZ's and my Arch-Shaped foot. Truly lovely color patterns assembled into a charming softcover. $10.00


Socks for Sandals and Clogs
—Anna Zilboorg

This second printing has several new socks. Hardcover with spiral. $18.95


Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles
—Cat Bordi

An entire book using the technique we learned from Joyce Williams: knitting socks (or any small-circumference items) on two circular needles. A total of 11 designs, from simple, to color and texture patterns, to felted. A nice layout, clear directions plus techniques. Softcover. $17.00


Socks: A Spin-Off Special Publication for Knitters and Spinners.

The long title says it all. 20 designs by an assortment of winning knitters who entered the Spin-Off sock contest. Softcover. $9.95


Folk Socks: The History and Techniques of Handknitted Footwear
—Nancy Bush

Eighteen patterns in a variety of styles and designs, plus an historical section. Softcover. $21.95

Knitted Tams
—Mary Rowe

(Out of stock; we keep it listed in hopes that it will be reprinted in the future.)

Knit lovely kaleidoscopic tams in our Shetland. Softcover. $18.95


Hats On!
—Charlene Schurch

Thirty different hats, from traditional to wacky. Softcover. $18.95


Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook: Dyeing, Painting, Spinning, Designing, and Knitting
—Lynne Vogel

A split-big-toe; 10-toe socks plus lots of dyeing info. Softcover. $18.95


Scarf Style
—Pam Allen

A book that takes scarves beyond basic garter-stitch strips and offers 31 imaginative and unique patterns; by an assortment of designers. Many worthy techniques to be learned. Softcover. $21.95



Vogue Knitting Shawls

Shawl designs in a small, hardcover book great for tucking into your knitting bag. Includes Meg Swansen's lace stole. Hardcover. WAS $12.95, NOW $7.80