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Spun Out Design Collection


When Wool Gatherings become sold out, we re-print the original design in a 1-page leaflet called Spun Out and add it to the design collection. We try to keep all of our designs available in one form or another; missing numbers are designs that appear in books by Elizabeth Zimmermann and Meg Swansen. Note: Most of our Spun Outs are archival patterns copied from EZ and Meg's original instructions (some of them typewritten) with black and white photographs or drawings as originally presented. We hope to transition most of our Spun Out designs to our Schoolhouse Press Pattern format in the future (as we have already done with the Baby Surprise and Adult Surprise jackets); however, many of the designs in this collection are only available in the Spun Out format.

The Spun Out Collection $33

Read below about the individual leaflets included in the design collection.


1. Adult Surprise Jacket- a garter-stitch, one-piece jacket knitted using EPS (Elizabeth's Percentage System). Note: These are Elizabeth's original directions. For a color phamplet with minor updates see below.

Or, for $12, you can get the color Surprise Jacket Phamplet which includes three versions of surprise jackets. Read about the new Surprise Jacket pamphlet including the Baby Surprise (row by row), Adult Surprise (So 1 pattern with minor updates), and the new Child's Surprise Jacket.

1B. Elizabeth's original Baby Surprise Jacket instructions- this preceded the Adult version and is an ingenious 1-piece garter-stitch baby jacket.

Or, get the color Suprise Jacket Phamplet which includes three versions of surprise jackets. Read about the new Surprise Jacket pamphlet including the Baby Surprise, Adult Surprise, and new Child's Surprise Jacket.

Scroll to bottom of page to find the Spanish, French, Danish, Icelandic, Portugese, and German versions of this pattern.


2. New Zealand pullover* - a stocking stitch body and a slightly volcano-shaped (Rangitoto in NZ) garter-stitch yoke with marvelous neck-shaping within the fabric.
4. Child's Fair Isle pullover* - plain stocking stitch body and sleeves with a Fair Isle patterned yoke; seamless. 5. Swedish Bohus pullover* - an adult sweater with a Bohus-inspired yoke design based on the classic Swedish Bohus era. 7. Sweaters from Neck Down* - as stated, using EPS.
8. Five Woolly Hats* - Balaclava Helmet, Katmandhu Bonnet, Fair Isle patterned Tam-o-Shanter, Heart Hat and ribbed Kliban Hat. 9. A Horde of Hats* - 3-cornered tam, Maltese Fisherman hat with ear-flaps, Triton (or Dairy Queen) cap and Brioche bonnet all use Sheepsdown. Plus the Ganomy and Icelandic caps. 10. Vests and Tops* - the garter-stitch V-Vest and Lloie's Jerkin; a cabled short pullover and a Halter-Top.
12. Garter-Stitch Jacket - as titled with a Shawl Collar and set-in-armholes (Tomten-like). 13. Ponchos* - knitted from the top; lace, cabled or Aran. 14. More Vests and Tops* - a waistcoat with shoulder-straps buttons down the front, a sleeveless top with a garter-stitch yoke, and an intriguing garter-stitch v-neck pullover vest.
15. Garter-Stitch Epaulet Jacket - knitted from the top wiith elegant shoulder shaping, Bent Elbows and Blister-Pockets. 17. Aspen-yoke* and Rib Warmer - Meg's shaded Aspen Yoke pullover and EZ's now-classic Ribwarmer. 18. Stonington Shetland Shawl - cast on 2 sts and never cast off ... the entire, classically-shaped square shawl is knitted with a continuous thread. All garter-stitch with a lacy periphery.
19. Badger afghan/sweater - Meg's 4-piece garter-stitch afghan; 2-pieces of which can be turned into a sweater with a hood. Plus EZ's garter-stitch Add-A-Bootee slippers 20. Hand-to-Hand sweater - an elaborate Aran pattern worked cuff-to-cuff; then a plain stocking-stitch body worked down ... or work the entire jacket in garter-stitch. Knitter's Choice. 21. V-Neck set-in-sleeve* - a marvelous design that duplicates a sewn, set-in sleeve -- but knitted entirely in the round, seamlessly. V-neck is optional.
22A. Fair Isle Jersey* - a long-sleeved, steeked-armhole pullover with classic Fair Isle motifs and colors.
22B. Fair Isle Vests * a V-necked vest with choice of motif-designs. Kangaroo-pouch armholes. 23. Shaded Ski Sweater* - shaded Aspen-Leaf, or Diamond motifs and a choice of 3 neck-treatments. Standard drop-shouder construction.
24. Nalgar* (backward Raglan) - instead of decreasing at 4 "raglan" points, you will INCrease at those sites. Seamless.
26. Suspender Jacket (garter-stitch) - a handsome garter-stitch jacket with EZ's wonderfully unique construction. 28. Lap Shoulder sweater * - another of EZ's amazing seamless shoulder-shapings - with an optional Finnish color pattern.
29. Bavarian Jacket (garter-stitch) - garter-stitch and typical of Southern Germany with button-down lapels, 4 scarlet-lined pockets, bent-elbows and belt in the back. 30. Rorschach Jacket (garter-stitch) - two mirror-imaged garter-stitch halves united up the back. 31. Basket-weave yoke/tam* - or Entre-Lac .. both a cap or tam-o-shanter plus a yoke-style seamless sweater.
32. Collared Jacket (garter stitch) - a classic and classy garter-stitch jacket with pointed-lapel collar and unique construction. 37. 3-Cornered Shawls - as titled. 38. Circle Yoke and Tam - sideways, short-row garter-stitch to form a cap, a cape, a round blanket or a skirt.
40. Pelerine* - or poncho; in garter-stitch or lace. 41. Two-End (Twined) Cap and Mittens* - knitting with each end of the same ball of wool; a Swedish technique. Cap, mittens and sweater. 42. Ribwarmer Revisited - with collar or shaped armholes or seamless back or sleeved or knee-length; plenty of variations on this now-classic design of Elizabeth's.
43. Baby Surplice Jacket and Blanket - a lace-bordered simple garter-stitch blanket, a sweet surplice baby jacket.
44. Norwegian Pullover* - a classic dropped-shoulder style pullover with plenty of possible motifs; plus ascending or descending lice. 45. Family of Raglans* - as titled for adults or children. Purl-When-You-Want-To lower edge.
46. The Weekend Sweater
A seamless yoke style pullover with decreases in concentric rings.
47. Cuff-to-Cuff Pullover*
A solid color body with color-pattern yoke with the appearance of an unbroken motif from cuff to cuff. However, the sleeves are knitted up in color pattern and worked perpendicular to the yoke.
48. Faux Cardigan Pullover*
This allover color pattern gives the illusion of a cardigan - especially if buttons or clasps are sewn on down the front.
49. Saddle Shoulder Aran Cardigan*
A saddle shouldered aran cardigan knitted in the round with center-front steek. Seamless set-in sleeves with saddle shoulders. Aran motifs are optional. Knit in Canadian Regal wool.
50. Three in One Sweater
One of EZs best color pattern designs. A classic Norwegian Dropped-Shoulder with rotation of three colors on the background combined with motif.

Translations of the Baby Surprise Jacket

Spanish: El instructivo original del Saquito Sorpresa para Bebé de Elizabeth (The Baby Surprise Jacket translated into Spanish by Liesl Monroy (EZ's granddaughter)!

1B. El instructivo original del Saquito Sorpresa para Bebé de Elizabeth, $3.00 - esto fue anterior a la versión para adultos y es un saquito ingenioso hecho en punto de musgo en una sola pieza


French: Cardigan Surprise pour bébé d'Elizabeth Zimmermann (French translation thanks to Christine Kurk, Manuèle Ducret, Connie Burmeister, Jane Lippmann and Christine Daveau)


Danish: ELIZABETH ZIMMERMANN’s SURPRICE BABY JAKKE (Danish translation thanks to Ingerlise Lebech)


Icelandic: Óvænti barnajakkinn (Baby Surprise Jacket) – á íslensku Eftir Elizabeth Zimmermann (Icelandic Translation thanks to Ragnheidur Eiriksdottir)


Portugese: Receita Especial Out #1-B ELIZABETH ZIMMERMANN’s BABY SURPRISE JACKET, "Casaco Surpresa" (Portugese translation thanks to Denise von Poser)


German: Elizabeth Zimmermann’s, Baby-Überraschungsjäckchen; aber jetzt auf Deutsch (The Baby Surprise Jacket translated into German thanks to Carolin Hummel)


Swedish: Elizabeth Zimmermann’s, Baby Surprise Jacket (The Baby Surprise Jacket translated into Swedish thanks to Eva Aronson)


* means For Circular Needles