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Wool & Sample Cards

Sample Card: Wool samples of our imported and domestic wools—including a color-corrected photo of the Jamieson & Smith Shetland Jumperweight (no real samples available)— (Spindrift Shetland not included; see below for separate real wool card)


Spindrift Shetland Sample Card: Wool samples of Jamison Spindrift Shetland


NOTE—You can view the wools in their approximate computer-shades by clicking on the name of the wool. Your monitor may not display the colors in their complete glory, so please use the web for reference only. Color cards will give the most accurate representation for your project. Gauges are approximate and measured over stocking-stitch.

Spin Drift Shetland

Jamieson Shetland Spindrift — Authentic 100% Shetland Wool from the Shetland Isles. For Fair Isle sweaters, tams, vests and shawls. 115 yds per ball/ 6 - 10 sts to 1 inch. 25-gr ball. We stock all of the Jamieson shades, except the 'marled' colors. $5.95

Ultra Alpaca

Ultra Alpaca — A beautifully soft blend of 50% Superfine Alpaca/50% Peruvian Wool in 23 rich colors. Excellent for baby/toddler garments, vests, sweaters and shawls. 3.5 oz. skein, 215 yards, 4 to 5 sts to 1 inch. Note: The mill drops and adds colors several times per year; if you see a color you love stock up. $12

Ultra Alpaca

Blackberry Ridge — Our newest offering is in the mode of Buy Local, spun from Mid-West fleece by a Mid-West mill. This hand-dyed 2-ply fingerweight is 100% wool and beautifully soft. Put up in 1 oz. skeins, 112 yards. Colors are dyed in small batches of 20, so make certain to order plenty for your project. $4.50 per skein


Sheepswool — Unbleached, undyed sheep-shades of Cream, Pale Gray, Medium Gray, and Blacksheep. Ideal for Faroese sweaters, plus Arans and Guernseys, caps and mittens. 2- or 3-ply. 2-ply, 210 yds— 4 to 4-1/2 sts to 1 inch; 3-ply 130 yds—3 to 3-1/2 sts to inch 4 oz. skein, $8.75

Rangeley —This is the 2-ply Sheepswool (above) dyed in a rich array of beautiful jewel tones. Lupine was used in the video, Cardigan Details; which is also shown in Meg Swansen's Knitting book. 210 yds— 4 to 4-1/2 sts to 1 inch, $8.75

Québécoise — Lovely, bold, crayon colors; this firmly spun and plied wool is long-wearing, and excellent for Bavarian Twisted Stitch, Norwegian sweaters, socks, caps, mittens and Aran sweaters. 3.5 oz. skein, 210 yds—5 to 6 sts to 1 inch, $6


Sheepsdown — Custom-spun for us. Thick, soft, and undyed. Four shades. Lovely for blankets, coats, hats and Salish jackets. Gauge is about 2-1/4 to 2-1/2 sts to 1". If you are making a sweater with this beautiful stuff, be sure to add extra stitches to the circumference, as the OUTside measurement will vary significantly from the INside and you need to ensure plenty of room for the wearer. 85 yds (Note: Some tags may incorrectly list 80 yds; the mill has assured us skeins are 85 yards.) —2 to 3 sts to 1 inch, $8.75

Shetland Ultra Lace-Weight * — 4 colors; 50% wool and 50% lambswool from the Shetland Islands; Excellent for shawls and very fine baby clothes. Anywhere from 3 (lace) to 12 (sweaters) sts per inch. 25 gram ball, 212 yards $7.50

Cobweb Shetland—Also called Gossamer or Feather-Weight; the finest wool we stock. Natural Cream, Black, or Bleached White. For instant heirlooms like the ledendary Wedding Ring Shawl and nearly all the samples in Gladys Amedro's Shetland Lace and Sharon Miller's Heirloom Knitting. $12.50 per 25-gram ball, 380 yds—gauge is up to you.

Icelandic Laceweight — Knits up beautifully for shawls (only 2-4 skeins) and sweaters (at about 8 or 9 st to 1 in.). Not only 7 soft natural shades, but 12 dyed colors as well. (Used in Joyce Williams' Latvian Dreams, A Gathering of Lace and Wool Gathering #47, 55 and 56.) 50 gram (1 3/4-oz.) ball, 250 yards— gauge: anything you like. Note: The mill is known to add and drop colors; if you see a color you love stock up. $11.60

Un-Spun Icelandic — Extraordinary long-fibered fleece unique to Icelandic sheep produce the warmest wool we know of. In a single-strand, this wool is wonderful for lace (the cover shawl on A Gathering of Lace takes only 4 wheels) or sweaters (WG#72).
Work with 2-ply for typical Icelandic pullovers, mittens, hats, jackets (Meg Swansen's Knitting), scarves and Meg's Turkish Icelandic Coat (video). Or 3- and 4-ply for coats and blankets. Natural and dyed shades. 3 1/2-oz. wheel, 300 yards, $8.50. Single strand: 6 to 7 to 8 sts to 1 inch— 2- ply, 3-1/2 to 4 sts to 1 inch.

Quantity discount available: Order a full bundle of one color (a full bundle weighs approximately 4 pounds and yields approximately 18 wheels; cost is based on weight) and get 20% off.

Guernsey Wool — From the original Poppleton mill in the UK for authentic, traditional Gansey sweaters and socks. Very firmly spun 5-ply needs to be firmly knitted at 7-9 sts to 1 inch. Your great-grandchildren may inherit these long-wearing items. 3 1/2-oz ball, 245 yds —7 - 9 sts to 1 inch, $12.75

Canadian Regal — This beautiful wool knits up at about 5 - 5 1/2 sts to 1 in.; an average adult sweater takes 5-6 skeins. 18 colors available. It is the wool used for "America's First Aran" in the Winter 1998 Vogue Knitting Magazine. 4-oz. skein, 272 yards—5 to 5-1/2 sts to 1 inch, $6.95